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What Do You Do for a 1 Year Old?

Baby with toothbrush

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of Pediatrics are in agreement that your child be seen by a Dentist on or before age 1. A Toddler Wellness dental visit is about prevention of cavities, and educating parents/caretakers regarding oral health care from an early age. In its beginning stage, a cavity does not always have to be treated with a filling or restoration. Simple diet and oral hygiene instructions along with a fluoride varnish treatment may suffice in keeping the tooth healthy. By the time some children see the Dentist at age 3, they may have rampant dental disease and require many fillings and possibly some extractions!

Toddler Wellness Visits

At the Toddler Wellness Visit, we will do an oral screening, evaluating for beginning or existing cavities, provide you with oral hygiene instructions, and discuss nutrition, pacifier, thumb sucking, or other oral habits. Dr Ursitti has extensive experience in fernectomy procedures to address tongue tie and lip tie.

We will need your help during your toddlers dental evaluation. Parents are an important part of this process! A knee-to-knee exam keeps your baby in your lap, where he/she will feel safe and secure. Your child faces you in a hug position and lays his/her down in the doctors lap, where she/he can get a good look at all of his/her teeth and determine the right guidance plan for your child’s specific needs. Sometimes children sing (cry) during this time of the appointment. This is normal for a little one and we work as quickly! As regular dental visits are kept every 6 months, this process will become easier and easier for your child. Eventually your child will enjoy coming to see us for his/her regular six month dental visits. Working together as team, we are confident that the majority of dental problems can be prevented.

Tongue-tie & Lip-tie Consultations

With toddlers, unique problems can appear that affect your baby’s day-to-day habits. For example, tongue tie and lip ties can be common genetic conditions that make it difficult for your toddler to  eat, drink and latch during breastfeeding. If you’re told that your child has a tongue-tie or lip tie, don’t worry. The condition is actually fairly common and is easily treated with a quick and virtually painless procedure known as a frenectomy. To see if your child needs treatment Dr Ursitti offers free frenectomy consultations. To schedule an appointment, please complete and return our New Patient form and then we will call you to schedule the appointment.